Flower Bombing | Marriage Equality Expo 1.25.2015

Campbell Studios is Flower Bombing the Smoochie Paper booth during the Marriage Equality Expo, Sunday, January 25th, Noon to 4PM ~ Philadelphia Convention Center. Come have fun with us - we'll talk about your Flowers, Day of Coordination needs and of course Invitations! So many of our favorites will be there: Lindsay Docherty Photography took the beautiful bridal photo below, you will love her work so be sure to visit her Sunday!

{Thank you Lin & Jirsa Photography for the intimate engagement photo of Tom & Michael below- we look forward to working their wedding with you! Anyone having an LA wedding - they are the photographer for you!}

My 2015 Pantone Dilemma | I have an Idea

Much like my feelings about the color blue, there are very little actual flowers in this strange brew of a color from Pantone. Therefore, I suggest ushering in 'Marsala' to your vernacular via fabrics and textures - something to act as a backdrop to showcase your flowers - like this bouquet captured by Sofia Negron Photography in one of our Style Studio sessions. It would look especially lovely in front of a 'Marsala' colored dress!



Happy Thanksgiving!

Family, Champagne, a Vintage Napco Turkey Planter, & Reservations for Dinner = PERFECT Thanksgiving. 

I couldn't resist so I whipped up a little something for us! {Yeah, sometimes florists bring flowers home...}  Happy Thanksgiving!

......Just as cute coming as going... {as it should be ;-) !}

Leaves are Pretty Too | Rex-Cultorum Begonia

You may be familiar with the flowery, showy (and darn fragile) Rieger Begonia found at your local garden center - but look a little deeper and you might fall in love with these pretties. I don't think that I will ever see thisRex-Cultorum Begonia bloom, but I don't care - its the leaves that get me itching to cut them up and tuck them into every arrangement I can! (...and so it goes...)


(PS. I have managed to keep this baby alive for an entire Month, even though I have been hacking away at it; Masochistic little guy!) #ImNotABonsai

Hellebore Heaven | Hello Lovies!

There are a few questions as a floral decorator that I often hear:

1. Could you tell me how to take care of this (

inset name here

) plant? Sadly no. I am a florist - I cut things down and kill them for a living. I replace my own houseplants once a week. Either they are all suicidal or I have a black thumb.

2. What is your favorite flower? This one I have a better shot at! My feelings on particular flowers wax and wane with the seasons - so right now I am gaga over one of my all time favorites: meet Helleborus Argutifolius.

Campbell Studios Philadelphia Florist Wedding Flowers

I can barely stand how pretty they are to me; and who doesn't like a little danger? Many species are poisonous. I love how they tip their heads and the way the Carpels swell as the flower develops. Hellebore are botanically very special for many reasons - including being "Self-fertile" - you should check out why here!

These babies above and the next two below came from my sister's garden and were quickly attacked my moi (see above #1) and now our kitchen and bathrooms look amazing!

They come in many shades of green to burgundy - all gorgeous. Expect to see these in my Spring designs while they last!

(Photo credit: Simon Garbutt)

You can all keep your Snow Crocus ; I know Spring is really here when these babies show up in the garden!

Kerriann & Neal |National Constitution Center

Tomorrow Kerriann marries her Marine..and yes, there will be the

"Arch of Swords"


a rather un-ceremonial swat on the

(Oh, My!) I am so delighted to help coordinate their day so they and their family can revel in the day. This might be one of the simplest most lovely engagement shots ever...Congratulations and Best Wishes! More to follow as the day unfolds!

It's Happening! | Union League Official Reopening

That's right - the long awaited remodel of Lincoln Hall at the Union League of Philadelphia is complete!
I have had the opportunity to peek my little face in here and there over the past few months and you are going to be blown away! Members got to check it out in July and now the public unveiling is underway for September 11th. My invite came yesterday and the letterpress sent chills up my spine! Love, Love, Love.

UPDATE: You know you have been "ooing" and "aahing" over that gorgeous letterpress invite as much as I have! (And yes, I did search the back and the design itself but couldn't find a thumbprint...) but alas, via the power of Facebook guess who saw my gushing remarks above? Vanessa Kreckel from Two Paper Dolls! They created that masterpiece so fitting both the event and the venue itself - I mean look at those chandeliers! Don' wax nostalgic - you can have such beauty at your next event (or business card reprinting or celebration...) too! Call them up today!

2013 Liberty Medal | Hillary Rodham Clinton

...and we have been selected to join the celebration with Design and Decor! Today we had the final tasting with Brûlée Catering (and my secret Chef Crush Jean-Marie Lacroix was there!) where the last design details were wrapped up. I love moving forward to the implementation phase!
The 25th annual Liberty Medal ceremony will take place on Tuesday, September 10, 2013. "Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will receive the 2013 Liberty Medal in recognition of her lifelong career in public service and her ongoing advocacy efforts on behalf of women and girls around the globe. The Liberty Medal was established in 1988 to commemorate the bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, the Liberty Medal is awarded annually to men and women of courage and conviction who strive to secure the blessings of liberty to people around the globe.

You can learn more about the Award at the National Constitution Center website and if you want to be a part of the celebration, tickets are on sale too! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of what's to come!