It's Happening! | Union League Official Reopening

That's right - the long awaited remodel of Lincoln Hall at the Union League of Philadelphia is complete!
I have had the opportunity to peek my little face in here and there over the past few months and you are going to be blown away! Members got to check it out in July and now the public unveiling is underway for September 11th. My invite came yesterday and the letterpress sent chills up my spine! Love, Love, Love.

UPDATE: You know you have been "ooing" and "aahing" over that gorgeous letterpress invite as much as I have! (And yes, I did search the back and the design itself but couldn't find a thumbprint...) but alas, via the power of Facebook guess who saw my gushing remarks above? Vanessa Kreckel from Two Paper Dolls! They created that masterpiece so fitting both the event and the venue itself - I mean look at those chandeliers! Don' wax nostalgic - you can have such beauty at your next event (or business card reprinting or celebration...) too! Call them up today!