Hellebore Heaven | Hello Lovies!

There are a few questions as a floral decorator that I often hear:

1. Could you tell me how to take care of this (

inset name here

) plant? Sadly no. I am a florist - I cut things down and kill them for a living. I replace my own houseplants once a week. Either they are all suicidal or I have a black thumb.

2. What is your favorite flower? This one I have a better shot at! My feelings on particular flowers wax and wane with the seasons - so right now I am gaga over one of my all time favorites: meet Helleborus Argutifolius.

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I can barely stand how pretty they are to me; and who doesn't like a little danger? Many species are poisonous. I love how they tip their heads and the way the Carpels swell as the flower develops. Hellebore are botanically very special for many reasons - including being "Self-fertile" - you should check out why here!

These babies above and the next two below came from my sister's garden and were quickly attacked my moi (see above #1) and now our kitchen and bathrooms look amazing!

They come in many shades of green to burgundy - all gorgeous. Expect to see these in my Spring designs while they last!

(Photo credit: Simon Garbutt)

You can all keep your Snow Crocus ; I know Spring is really here when these babies show up in the garden!