Bridal Shower! WOAL {Update #2}

The Trifecta and I have been very busy. It is quite something to be on the other side of the wedding process. I had to admit to my partners in crime that I had never in my 20 years of being in the industry thrown a Bridal Shower. But there are a few things I do know:
1. people make the party
2. everyone loves champagne
3. you can't go wrong with the Rittenhouse Hotel
4. don't try and be a photographer of you are not - they capture moments you never saw...and you actually get to enjoy the party (Thank you Ann Marie Casey!)                                
Bride and "Trifecta"
And it was the perfect venue for this particular Bridal Shower since we have the Groom crossing the pond for the love of his life - a Bridal British Tea in the Mary Cassatt Tearoom of the Rittenhouse Hotel, Philadelphia was the perfect place for our party on April 22, 2012. Danielle Blusius could not have been more accommodating or kind - our day was amazing in great part due to her, her team and their attention to detail that day (all I added were flowers and Lilly Pulitzer pillows!)

If you are going to finish the small details for your party OR need a place to start - you need to meet Katie Malandrino from Green Apple Paperie! Let me warn you - you are going to feel completely inadequate reading her blog. Martha Stewart shys from her - she has two babies and still squeezed in my order a mere 4 days away from the blessed event (the shower that is!)...with what I imagine to be a smile - bc she was a sheer delight to deal with. She has this awesome Etsy shop where she has thought of all the details you know you want but can not possibly pull off on your own - until you place your order. My time investment was about 15 minutes, the return - priceless. All the signage in this day were her genius - I just picked a color and pattern! Seriously - put it in a great frame and you are the hostess with the mostess!
Looks like this:

This day was really about Jen - but this blog post is all about the people who made it happen - so on to as my sister says..."the most amazing cookies EVER!" You know how it usually goes - you get a cookie favor from a party and it's pretty but it tastes "eh?!" ... not these! I was in SF - visiting the cutest baby in the world CJH - when the lovely Michele, owner and baker at "luckybites," arrived with some delicious Meyer Lemon cookies, perfectly packaged...I was hooked and so were the guests at the party. I swear people were fighting over them! Check out her FB page and you see how you can have some delivered to your home, sweetheart or puppy (yep!)
Presents were opened...Facinators were prepped...
 And of course there were flowers among the details...
 ...and there were fun people there too!
Back to my photography comment....I can not thank Ann Marie Casey enough for indulging me in shooting this day! You are so nice, you really made everyone feel comfortable, so we were able to be ourselves  - the rest is in the film. Ann Marie just moved to her new Diggs in Bryn Mawr! Go check her out (I'll probably be there!)
 Death Grip....VA is so far away!