Engagement Shoot aka Jen's Photo Shoot WOAL {Update}

God bless Mike and Erin from "Tall + Small Photography," I can only imagine what they thought of us the day of Jen and Iain's engagement shoot on April 1st in Richmond, Virginia - it was no joke!
Jude C has never shown such restrain. I "know" what I should do because I am a wedding professional, I know am not in charge, nor am  I proficient in taking pictures - this does not mean it feels comfortable not being in charge. Nor do I need to be...focus...Maid of Honor, Maid of Honor, Maid of Honor.

Jen & Iain hired S+T because they are professionals, they are excellent at what they do, produce beautiful work and are very talented artists. This day, I have been reduced to a glorified Sherpa; I am not in charge - but I am thrilled! All I have to worry about is if Jen has something in her teeth, if a hair is out of place and to carry the multiple costume changes and props that we (that's me and Jen + shenanigans) have decided were "must haves." Mike and Erin had a few different ideas and they were so spot on! They saw things that J+I might not have seen in themselves - and it is amazing! Hire professionals people!

We started the day at a favorite Carytown spot "Helen's" - I ran off for costume change #2....

 Then on to "make out session #2" Black Swan Books...
 &...yet there's more...frolicking in Byrd Park

You thought those images were good - check out the rest on their blog - there is a .GIF that is to die for with Jen and Iain!
Thank you Tall + Small Photography for a day to remember and sharing these beautiful images!
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