Unpublished Gem No.1: IVC Open House March 2011

I miss you so much! Here is another post that got 1/2 way done before I got distracted by beautiful flowers and lovely brides...way back on...OMG! March 16th! Yikes! I am feeling some particular stress since we just wrapped up the October Open House at the IVC & I am worried AMC will hold the new images hostage! (Just kidding ...sort of...) Anyway check out these unpublished gems...
Ann Marie Casey (AMC) has been a busy photographer, here are a few real shots from our previously mentioned Open House at the Independence Visitor's Center (IVC) below. Check out the slides show to the right for more details. During set up she was 'yelling' at me to stop...I thought I had her behind schedule, but really she said "...I kept giving her too many things to shoot!" I met a lot of super cute brides at this event and booked 3 weddings! (which by now I am sure I should be posting their pics!)
You know how I like to rock out a "Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall" theme for open houses not only because I like to torture myself by trying to find out of season flowers but because it give visiting guests an idea of what their wedding could look like depending on when they get married! 
Thank You IVC for showcasing the Grand Hall, Liberty Ballroom and Terrace, Brulee Catering for the delish dishes...
 ....and Isgro's Paticceria for my cake fix!