Blog Gem: 2011 Philadelphia Flower Show | Campbell Studios Presents

Amazing Spring Events = Beautiful Parties > No Social Media ~ Where did Spring go?! 
I have to admit I was feeling so on top of technology - I had a whirl wind of Facebooking, Twittering, LinkedIn and Blogging...then I got my hands dirty....I started this post in May and now it's the middle of June August September October! How does everyone do it?!

There have been so many great events, lovely brides and fun projects - lets start with one previously unpublished gem of a posting that was super fun: Campbell Studios presents at the Philadelphia Flower Show. PHS set up a round platform presentation area where different designers/floral artists from the area were invited to give a demo for a few hours.
The Philadelphia International Flower Show 2011was March 6 - 13th where "Springtime in Paris" had everyone itching for a sign of warmer days. I had the opportunity to 'present' in the Designer Showcase. I invited Ann Marie (AMC Photography) to come and capture Kristie and I in action.
 Now, while I am not short of opinions and my 'Girl Friday' Kristie knows more flower names than I do after 20 years in the business - we don't actually like to be onstage. (Or on camera for that matter - so AMC had to go undercover.) So we transformed the round stage that we were supposed to speak from and turned it into the platform for the flowers and we mixed and mingles with the crowd!
We had so much fun!
Our plan was to give people a tip that they can take and actually do themselves. Something that they could go home, try & say with pride "I made that!" I filled my garden trolley up with my personal collection of vintage containers, ash trays, vases and buckets so I could show people how to design in regular containers - things they may already have.
All we needed was a rubberband to make these people feel like Martha Stewart!
And we were worried no one would come see us...we were wrong!
People were taking notes!

 We were nervous at first, but had a really great time! See you next year! XOXO Kristie & Judith
We gave away these little DIY Tip Sheets - I just know everyone ran home and tried their hands at floral design when they went home!