Zoobilee 2009!

Campbell Studios was invited to partner up with the Philadelphia Zoo and participate in: Zoobilee 2009 Birds in Paradise. This was the 35th Annual Zoobilee, which also happens to be one of the longest running fundraising events in Philadelphia. This was our second year donating decor for the fundraiser and we are proud to be a part of the community!

We helped dress the VIP Dessert Lounge that was set up in the Tiger Terrace overlooking Bird Lake. Guests were brought to this room after dinner and treated to front row seating for the fountain/light show that took place on the lake once the sun went down.

Linens were Atlantis Turquoise and set the color pallet for a cool underwater vibe. Later in the evening, the lighting treatment from the rooftop had a soft undulating ripple through the skylights above that added to the 'under the sea' ambiance. Tall vases reached out towards the skylights with Monstera Leaves, Sago Palms Leaves, Green Amaranthus, Seeded Eucalyptus and touches of orchids to added a splash of color.

Since prime viewing was at the windows we lined the table edges with candles and orchids to pull the decor together.

I made some new friends too, who helped me implement the design: Igor & Nihad. They are here from Bosina working at the Zoo for a few months. They picked all the blossoms off over 30 bunches of Jade Orchids and lined them up along the windows and at the bases of the centerpieces. Great Job! thanks guys!

And speaking of friends...thanks for the photos Sofia! The availability of free food was too much for us to pass up so we checked out the party, met some fun people and saw something that might have verged on monkey porn...anything look a little not right here?

Right?! I don't see any babies anywhere....boobs?! Implants?

And we saw this totally cool plant, I think it is called 'Dracunculus vulgaris' (also seems to be referred to as 'Dragin Plant' or 'Meat Plant')and vulgar it was. The smell is like rotting meat and the blossom huge! Once I started taking pictures we drew a crowd, it really was an amazing plant.