Philly Icons

Here are some fun little things to bring a touch of Philly to your event while staying sleek. I love these Philly cut outs. I just added the Phillies 'P' to the mix and will be adding the rest of the sports teams over the summer. My favorite is still the Clothes Pin.

This is one of the projects that reminds me why I like what I do, and that the possibilities are endless. By offering complete event design and production I have all the tools at my disposal and the cross over in unique. All I need to do is dream up the the ideas. Here I made use of the fabrication side of the studio. These frosted plexi Icons were cut out on the CNC router (a.k.a. The Robot). We have them in all sizes and cover a huge range of Philly flair: The Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin, The Clothes Pin, LOVE PARK, Kites and Keys...we can custom cut just about any design.

How cool is this shot with Independence Hall in the background!

I'm also really grooving on stair decor these days too so stay tuned. Clean simple touches draw your guests up to the next experience.