This year ISES celebrated FRESH 2008 at the new Harrah's Chester Casino. The ballroom was packed with all the best the the industry had to offer this spring. Once again Sofia hooked everyone up with event photos and we got to check ourselves out in the Mid Atlantic Events Magazine. We were the decorators & paired up with Max and Me Catering to deign a 'Pod' together. Here we showcased three of their different treats on three of our light up bars. We designed and fabricated everything again: all three bars, the giant round upholstered ottoman, the wood laminated walls with cut outs for flowers and hoisted up all of our truss!

And we like our bamboo Tradeshow Booth so much that we disassembled it & used it as a backdrop this year...where MODA did the flowers for Georges Perrier's Le Bec Fin & Signature Restaurants

And it's always good to have a little press from Mid Atlantic Events! Thanks Jim!