FRESH! 2007

ISES (International Special Events Society) is a trade organization that I have been involved with (sometimes as a member, others just as a volunteer) who's mission is to educate, advance and promote the special events industry and its network of professionals along with related industries. Every year they have a showcase for the industry to check out the latest and greatest of what is going on in the community. New trends, new products and generally what's "Fresh" culminates in a great venue to showcase everyone's ideas/wares.

This is my first year participating (2007) and the event took place at Sherman Mills East Falls.
We made our own little atmosphere with our trade show booth. We fabricated everything (cause that's what we do!) from the bamboo carved plexi walls to the hand selected flowers from the New York Flower Market just for this event. I cut the bamboo in the AM so that it could tower above the guests and create a mini oasis within the trade show. This is where I first met my gal pal Sofia Negron who took all these photos, I've been stalking her for event photos ever since!