Samantha and Lou | Le Méridien

I met Samantha and her mom way back in August at Le Méridien Hotel via Sofia Negron. If you haven't been there yet - grab a date and swing by for a cocktail. You will be in love. "Originally a YMCA, the hotel is housed in a 10-story Georgian revival-style structure with intriguing historical flair, located in the heart of the city's business district and less than one block from the Pennsylvania Convention Center."

Sam had some definite ideas as to what she liked; and what she didn't. I get along great with people who can make decisions - we were a match! That being said - she did have a very short "Must Have" list: Peonies. White. Barely cracked open. (Insert audible gasp from me!) Now, I love making dreams come true as much as the next designer - but promising a Spring flower in December is skating on thin ice. Crisis averted...slightly cascading, barely open - dream come true...Check!
We brought some color into the Bridesmaids with beautiful garden roses and light pink peonies
Sam and Lou were hitched and all was set at Le Méridien...each of the tables were a little different in design but all built withe the same floral types:tulips, hydrangea, roses and striking black candlesticks that picked up the curves and details of the room.
Sam and her mom collected all of these spent shot - 'cause they fit the color pallet and it's a nod to a sport Dad would appreciate.
Yep - Oreo Cake!
And then the fun really began!
Special thanks to Amanda Chrin from Le Méridien for making our job so easy! Sofia Negron captured so many more amazing shots than I can showcase here - check her out! And for hair that just wouldn't quit - Marcos Matos you are amazing! 
Congratulations Samantha and Lou - I loved being a part of your wedding!