Style Studio | Color Me 1970

The Style Studio took a little road trip to NYC last month. We had a bunch of client meetings so we made a day of it - starting at the Flower Market. I had hoped to get some Wintery Bouquet's made, but alas, we were too early. Everyone was still way into fall. So I scooped up these gorgeous Rose Hips, Fuzzy Thistle, Fever Few and a collar of this Umbrella Fern (recent obsession) and was on my way. We headed to Gal Pal and NYC Photographer's studio Sofia Negron in Astoria for the shoot, she was amazing! I love this weird couch we found in the hallway of her building - it was 'well loved' and so is this bouquet.
Once this baby was done I felt like it looked like something I would have work in the 70's. Some type of flared blue corduroy number with small daisy printed blouse and red leather wedge shoes.
Now - speaking of the obsession - I have been envisioning a bouquet of all Fever Few - with a collar of the aforementioned Umbrella Fern. I'm not sure how successful it was...but I still like it! (Sofia, not so much, but she humored me and captured some lovely images so I could emotionally move on.)
(I am so making this again!)