WOAL 2012 | Jennifer and Iain have tied the knot!

The long awaited Wedding of a Lifetime {WOAL} of my sister Jen and Iain has come to pass and I have so many things to talk about! (My apologies to every bride who met me after they got engaged & has either delighted in - or tolerated - my little ramblings about them as we planned for the big day!) The day has come & gone and we had so much fun! Jen was beautiful, Iain was dashing & the dance floor was packed!
I headed down South to Richmond, VA on the Tuesday before & we were in full wedding mode until the big day July 14, 2012. I am going to resist a little longer before writing up a full post; just until the Newlyweds go through all of the beautiful pictures Erin and Mike took. Their image above is just one of the lovely sneak peeks you can see on their blog! Thank you Tall and Small!