WOAL Countdown

The WOAL (Wedding Of A Lifetime) acronym grew out of VOAL (Vacation Of A Lifetime) for my sister and I...We vacation every year together aiming for the best experience & most fun two gals can have (with their beaus in tow of course!) But on November 7, 2011 Mr. Holiday had a panic attack - VOAL 2012* was threatened because a certain Brit had proposed to our Fair Lady! It was true, Iain proposed and Jen said YES! I'm not gonna lie - I felt like a bad sister. I was unprepared for a Monday proposal & caught off guard - so when she called to tell me...I think I was a bit lack luster. I actually had to call her back once it hit me with all the emotions that were true...
That being said I think I might have gone on endlessly at consultations about "My sister this" and "My sister's wedding that"...thanks for letting me wax on ladies....I'm psyched for WOAL 2012! (yours will be prett good too! hahahahaha! No really!)

* Note: Mr Holiday has recovered & VOAL will immediately follow WOAL. So yes, either I am going on my sister's Honeymoon - or she is going on my vacation. Your peanut butter is in my chocolate...!