Just in time for Halloween: The Bat Orchid

I swung by the flower market yesterday to pick up a few extra things & ran into their Dutch flower buyer - he was so excited about the Tacca Chantrieri Black Orchid that has recently hit the market, and I can see why! I was so psyched when he gave me one as a treat to take home! (Which I totally did! So the image below is from the web until I can decide what to make with it...it's just so pretty all on it's own!)

These things are putting the spring in everyone's step... I was at another wholesaler today who couldn't wait to see if I got the gift he sent - yep - a few Tacca Chantrieri! I feel so lucky, this is like Christmas! I can only imagine this was the first week they became available considering all the buzz.

The Tacca have a long stem with a deep chocolate color similar to the Chocolate Cosmo, long dangling whiskers and these outer wings that hold smaller petite blossoms within...so cool! While they are a little on the pricey side...they have a long life as a fresh cut, so they are well worth it! But they will have some limited availability, so if you are as hot to trot about these as I am, just give me advanced notice to bring them in for you!