Summertime Catch Up - ISES: FRESH 2010

Apparently it has taken be awhile to dig out of the deep winter freeze! I have been out having fun, working on great events and shamefully neglecting blogging! So here come some updates - probably out of order - but fun tidbits about what we've been up to here at CS! So lets dig back to oh, say, March - Brrr...That's when one of my favorite networking organizations ISES (International Special Events Society) had it's annual showcase "FRESH" at Elkins Estate.
 "Elkins Estate was built in 1895 by Architect Horace Trumbauer, an important architect of the gilded age. He was responsible for designing homes for the wealthiest families in America, as well as major cultural institutions such as the Free Library of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Elkins Estate was built for William L. Elkins, a noted financier, transportation entrepreneur and philanthropist." -

I was so excited to be the Sponsor that got to decorate the Pod in the Music Room. I think it is the most beautiful room in the house. It is over the top Rococo, gold, crystals - Liberace would have LOVED it! The Estate is right around the corner from my Alma Mater Tyler School of Art (or where it used to be until it moved downtown this past year!) and I used to go by itching to get inside for a peak! This is my 3rd year participating (FRESH 2007 & FRESH 2008) in the event where Philadelphia Caterers, Decorators, Entertainers and  Special Event Vendors get to showcase what they see as 'Fresh' for the upcoming year.

You know what I think is "Fresh?" Developing something that suits the room or the client instead of always trying to make something it is not. So I went for it - the room screamed gold, gold, gold and more, more, more - so that's what I did....what ever I wanted..Our room was still jumping at the end, they had to kick people out after the event was over!

When you have a "Pod" the event coordinator assigns you other vendors who have asked for space to showcase their wares...this year I was thrilled to design a space with great talent: CinemaCake; Max and Me, Choice Party Linens, Cort Furniture Rental, Ken Ulsaney Ensemble and Chaddsford Winery.

And now the best part PICTURES- Sofia Negron was there! So I got awesome pictures, again! Here are a few...