Road Trip To NYC!

It's NY International Gift Fair week so we headed to the big apple - by way of Jersey City! What?! Yep! I had a meeting and walk through at the almost completed Maritime Parc event space with a lovely prospective bride who is getting married next June.

I have this thing for the Statue of  Liberty, I crane my neck when headed to Long Island just to get a peek. I've never been there, but have it on my list, it just seems like something I should check out. So I was especially delighted to see that the Maritime Parc is situated right across the street from where the ferry is located to hop on over to Ellis Island! The view from the marina is amazing and you can see the Lady Liberty on the drive in.
The event space is still under construction, but it looks just like the virtual renderings. They have really cool details too like pinspotting in the ceiling for every table, uplighting around the room and some pretty cool fabric panels that are so much better than regular draping. I am really excited to begin working on the decor designs for her proposal!
We were having so much fun that I didn't get headed over to the gift show until 1PM - but that ended up being plenty of time. The exhibitors seem to be fewer and more consolidated every year, only two of the Piers were open. The rest was at The Javitz Center. The good news is that most of my favorites were there showcasing their latest and greatest, and I scored a few new sources for upcoming events.

Gal Pal Sofia Negron lives in NYC these days and we had a chance to meet up and cruised the show together. Here are my top three finds (in order of discovery) of things that caught my eye:
1) The Dunes & Duchess hand crafted candlesticks. I readily admit I was drawn to the table because of this huge leather hinged hurricane - but was quickly swept away by the gorgeous colors and craftsman ship of their signature lacquered candlesticks. Owner and Stylist Stacy Kunstel teamed up with her photographer husband to "dream up wildly romantic products for the home." And I think they've done it. I hear The Knot was by asking questions, considering a photo shoot - I am sure you will see it in their glossy pages soon!

 2) I couldn't resist Middle Kingdom's bright porcelain vases from their 'Red Chamber Collection' - I can just imagine hundreds of them clustered down the center of a long dining table. Bo and Alison Jia started the company in 1998 to "strive to revive the luxurious connotations of 'made in China' for a modern audience." They have a story that is as beautiful as their pieces.

 3) I'm in love with the felt flowers, pins, brooches, napkin rings from Digs (Duchamp’s Irreverent Guiding Spirit, Inc) - there are so many ways I can think to use them, I can't wait. The designer for these particular pieces is Vacide Erda Zimic from Peru. She employs recycled and reclaimed scrap fabrics such as felt, cotton, georgette, alpaca and industrial carpet combining them to make objects using different processes such as sewing, rolling, sticking and cutting. Another great company with a great story that got started in 1991. Digs is a little like Etsy - but on a different scale. They have a specific mission of sustainability and fair trade - their membership in the  Fair Trade Federation and Co-Op America is just the tip of the iceberg!