I love an Open House!

It has been a crazy week but I take every chance I get to help out the NCC and Max and Me Catering when they have a showcase for prospective brides. They send me a list of all their rentals and linens for the tables, and ask me to design a complimentary arrangement.

Sofia wasn't available, so I took these shots with my new iPhone that my sister got me for my birthday. While it does have a flash; these images are just validate my resolve that while I am a good florist - but a terrible photographer!

Spring was on a Antique Violet linen and a sleek sliver container was requested:
Summer was on a soft peach linen and modern black containers were requested:
Fall was a twist on the regular harvest theme and a copper/bronze yet retro container was suggested. I went classic - that's retro right?
And Winter threw me through a loop - they asked for lanterns and mine are white/silver...but they had gold accents on the table settings. So I just went for it & I think the overall look ended up pretty romantic!