2010 Chef's Dinner for PAWS

I am definitely a little out of order here with the blogging but as the pictures come in I will wax over this summer's events. I just got the images back from my friend Michael Persico of Persico Photo (thank you!) from the 6th annual Chef's Dinner for PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society.) This is the second year I had a chance to support the group and showcase some creative table settings.

This year the PAWS organization was able to raise almost $220,000 with support from sponsors such as Campbell Studios and the attendees who purchased tables/tickets for the event.

The event took place Monday, June 28, 2010 at the Union League of Philadelphia. The high-style event showcased the talents of more than 40 of the region’s top chefs from celebrated dining destinations. Each chef presented an intimate, unique and unforgettable experience for their table of 12 guests, who had the opportunity to meet-and-greet the participating culinary masters while tasting decadent creations prepared personally for them. To enhance the experience each table has a local decorator trick-out the table to polish off the dining experience.

Now, for those of you in the catering industry, the news of my crush on Chef Jean-Marie Lacroix is old news, to the rest of you I am coming out. I can barely speak when I am around him...he is just so...nice. I have appointed him my wishful father figure. (Insert little daydream here.)

So when Max and Me wanted to launch him as their official partner, they decided to host a table & ask me to design it for them. I think I grinned for a week. Check out these great shots - It took all my control not to jump in the photo with Ginger Bickley (Max and Me Catering Director) and Chef!
Instead of the assigned long tables, I used some serps and made an open circle so Chef could interact with his guests. The flower market was overflowing with gorgeous peonies, I couldn't resist designing something girlie. I lined the inner circle of the table with vintage milk glass containers and filled them with Peonies and Garden roses. Accents of Maiden Hair ferns gave some bounce to the table and with the flicker of candles we were ready for guests.
And my two favorite things about the evening....