Networking at F.U.E.L.

I got a call from Sofia Negron (of Sofia Negron Photography) last week that I needed to get out networking again. "There's lot's of great stuff out there and your missing it," she said. Plus, there is usually free food involved with networking - so I jumped at the chance to check out F.U.E.L. with a fresh eye. It had been awhile since I was at 249 Arch Street - like when it was the "Real World" house. It seemed like a great idea to sell the venue in original TV condition, but a wee bit skeevy too.

The location has been revamped and is a cool event space and has been repainted white for a clean fresh blank canvas to work from, beautiful chandeliers and an open floor plan. But what makes it even better for me is the great artwork on display. F.U.E.L. is an acronym: Fostering Undergraduate Exposure on Location, and as a Tyler School of Art Grad myself I could have used a space like this! They are committed to cutting-edge arts and culture - so I can't wait to have a MODA client book this space. We'd be a perfect combination.

Anyway, back to networking...Sofia and I had a great time:

No, we really did behave ourselves and we met some great people, like Gabriel Fredericks from Philip Gabriel Photography whom we stalked for a better photo than the one we took above.

....And Joseph here from Miel Patisserie who helped us decorate our own chocolates as a take-a-way:

I pulled double duty at this one figuring one way or another great contacts could be made for both MODA and/or CS and I think we came out with a little something for everyone. The event was sponsored by and was filled with lots of great event people making connections. Fleur de Lys Catering showcased great food, we chatted up Lindsay Martin and Alain Flambert from Feastivities Events and Carolyn Verdi was in the house too!