Cori Traynor at The Radnor Hunt Club

This Valentine inspired February postings of past brides is really fun. What a great reminder if these wonderful people I met & how I got to be a part of their day. I met Cori through her mom, Trudy. She works at one of my non-profit coordination clients and knew we did flowers too. Cori fell in love with a beautiful estate in Malvern, PA - the Radnor Hunt. Cori is the first bride I met that had to be coerced into having a cake. She could have cared less! Can you believe it?! I LOVE cake. When I get married - if you are coming, eat first! I am only serving cake. She did redeem herself in this area by having a dream of a dessert bar with all white candies and treats. Anyway, Cori was beautiful; she had a fantastic day despite torrential downpours that seemed to occur at truly the perfect time. When I delivered the personals to Villanova's Chapel, her bridal party made it into the doors, she started down the aisle to an earth shaking clap of thunder. I was worried...but he sky cleared up during the ceremony. Heather Fowler's pictures from this day show no sign of a drop! The guests had cocktails inside the estate house, but the dined, wined and danced the night away under a huge tent. The Lemon Tree Catering set up a huge field tent to serve as the kitchen and did an outstanding job. Campbell Studios did all the lighting on a pink hue and did the flowers with bamboo accents. These picked up the 20' poles of fresh bamboo that we had cut down ourselves early in the morning (yep, in the pouring rain!) Oh, yeah - that is a rainbow above their heads!